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Concert Series Summer   2022

We are planning our emergence from Covid with a great set of concerts this summer!

We hope you can join us!

Concerts held at
First Presbyterian Church 
2112 Rudolph Rd
Eau Claire, WI

"On A Lark"

3pm June 26th

We are presenting a wonderful Haydn string quartet called 'The Lark' which evokes birds of spring. It is soaring, meditative and finishes with a
sailor's dance. 

Additionally we are going on a 'lark' with lighthearted fun from other great composers that may be new to you! From a contemporary Czech composer to a group of Romantic violinists with French connections, we are feeling adventurous and think you will love some little known but delightful works.

We hope you'll come and enjoy!

Martinů, Bohuslav

Haydn, Joseph

Duo No.1 for Violin and Cello


Ryan, Susan

String Quartet in D Major, Hob.III:63
1 Allegro Moderato

2 Adagio Cantabile

3 Menuetto Allegretto

3 Finale
Ben, Carol, Ryan, Susan


Godard, Benjamin

Paul de Wailly

Hermann, Friedrich

Aubade for Violin and Cello

1 Andante

2 Andantino

Ryan, Susan

Six Pieces

1 Romance

2 Scherzino

3 Idylle

4 Alla Polacca

5 Regrets

6 Ronde

Ben, Carol, Susan

Capriccio No.1 for 3 Violins, Op.2

1 Adagio

2 Allegro molto

Ryan, Ben, Carol

"Summer music
in 3d"

3pm August 14th


We are bringing you mostly trios in this offering.Some famous composers are on the program along side of some other great works you may not have heard before.

This should be a memorable performance including a work from the fantastic pianist Fanny Hensel, the sister of Felix Mendelssohn.

We are primarily staying in Germany and Czechia this time, with only a quick jaunt to Norway for our duet.

We hope to see you there!

Dvorak, Antonin

Hensel, Fanny

Four Miniatures, Op. 75a for 2 Violins and Viola

1 Cavatina
2 Capriccio

3 Romance

4 Elegie

Ben, Carol, Kirsti

Piano Trio in D Minor, Op.11
1 Allegro Molto Vivace

2 Andante Espressivo

3 Lied (Allegretto)

3 Finale (Allegro Moderato)
Kate, Ryan, Susan


Halvorsen, Johan

Bach, JS

Beethoven, L

Sarabande con Variazioni

Ryan, Kirsti

Terzetti 2 Violins and Viola

Ben, Carol, Kirsti

Piano Trio Op.70 in Dmajor

1 Allegro vivave e con brio

2 Largo assai ed espressivo

3 Presto

Kate, Ryan, Susan

Piano Trio by Fanny Hensel

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 1.39.37 PM.png

Dr Kate Gierhart

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel composed the Piano Trio in D Minor, Op. 11 in 1847 for her younger sister Rebecka’s birthday.  A month after Fanny debuted the piece at her family’s residence in Berlin during one of their Sunday Morning Musicales, she passed away from a stroke.

Despite much discouragement from her brother Felix and father Abraham, Fanny managed to compose over 460 compositions including many songs, solo piano works, and chamber music.  Many of her works were at first published under her brother’s name.

This final piece consists of four movements. 

  • The first movement Allegro molto vivace is a passionate and stormy piece filled with wave-like sixteenth notes and two contrasting themes.  Fanny did not conform to the normal sonata form when she composed this piece.  Rather it is almost through- composed with the instruments taking turns with the main melodies. 

  • The second and third movements are lyrical, a style both Fanny and her brother Felix were quite prolific in with their many Songs Without Words. In fact, the third movement is titled Lied, the German word for song.  

  • The final movement begins with a single-line, rhapsodic passagework in the piano, which evolves into a haunting tune with an almost harp-like accompaniment.  The music is filled with terms such as vivace (fast and lively), animato (animated), piu mosso (more motion). 
    The Finale brings this piano trio to a tumultuous and wild conclusion.  

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