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CWCP is a professional arts organization begun by musicians to champion chamber repertoire. 
Begun in 2014 with a genrous grant from the Phillips Family Foundation - CWCP has striven to bring high caliber performances to western wisconsin, playing favorites and great works not commonly known. 
CWCP also works with area schools to sponsor coaching and soloists for local concerts. We are excited about our Attic Instruments Program, in partnership with area teachers and schools, to take in unused instuments and get them into the hands of local students and performers.
Before symphony orchestras there were chamber orchestras and even smaller works for a group of musicians that would fit comfortably in a room or chamber. Many composers wrote this kind of music for dinner parties, amateur musician get togethers and challenging soloistic works on a pallace stage. Usually commissioned by wealthy patrons, composers wrote for chamber musicians in a medium that is both exposed and demanding.
Melody and harmony are played soloistically, as there is only one player to part, yet together in perfect syncronicity moving with the other musicians. The most common and prolific compositions in this medium are quartets - usually encompasing two violins, viola and cello. We also play works with performers from a duet up an octet.  This can be 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos or cello and bass. 
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With a very special thanks to Mark Phillips and the 
Phillips Family Foundation 


Poquette, Donnellan & Schlewitz Law Office, Eau Claire


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and many more - not the least of which is our families who graciously allow us the practice and rehearsal time this kind of concert requires!


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