Violin: Ryan Poquette*, Lucinda Marvin, 

Ben Cheney, Carol Noreen*, Dr. Kate Gierhart

Viola: Kirsti Petraborg*, Eva Tibbetts

Cello: Susan Halderman*, Laura Jensen

Piano: Dr. Kate Gierhart*, Elizabeth Wilson

Clarinet: Elizabeth Wilson

 Jeanne Kolis

* - Board Member

Dr. Kate Gierhart

Schumann’s Piano Quartet in E Flat Major was the first chamber music I learned and performed. At the time, I was a teenager taking part in a chamber music camp on Madeline Island.  I vividly remember that first chamber experience, working intensely with other musicians, hearing my part blend with three other instruments, and being inspired by the passion of the other performers. While I had accompanied plenty of musicians and played in orchestras, working on this quartet was different.  Each musician contributed equally to music, and we all were responsible for bringing the music to life.   I fell in love with chamber music that summer.

Tango for Violin and Strings

I love playing tango music and after showcasing a Piazzolla work last season in our concert series, I knew I wanted to do another.
I found the piece we are playing in our July Concert after a bunch of searching and I felt it would really work great with our group. Everyone is having such fun with it and it highlights the great musicianship of the group with tight syncopated rhythms juxtaposed with wonderful melodies.

Ryan Poquette