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Musical instruments

Reflections & Dances

October 22nd, 2023

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Duluth, MN
Dr Kate Gierhart - Piano     Ryan Poquette - Violin      Susan Halderman - Cello

Antonin Dvorak

Piano Trio Op.90 "Dumky"

  1. Lento Maestoso - Allegro Vivace - Allegro Molto

  2. Poco Adagio - Vivace

  3. Andante - Vivace non troppo

  4. Andante Moderato - Allegretto Scherzando - Allegro

  5. Allegro

  6. Lento Maestoso - Vivave


Ludwig van Beethoven

Dmitri Shostakovich

Piano Trio in DM, Op.70 No.1 "Ghost"

  1. Allegro, Vivace con brio

  2. Largo assai ed espressivo

  3. Presto

Piano Trio No.1 Op.8 Cm

Reflections & Dances

Among other great works, our 2023 October concert is featuring a Piano Trio by Dvorak named Dumky.
What is a Dumky, and why is it named that? Well, it is the plural of Dumka - a slavic folk ballad consisting of contrasting sections - and the whole trio is made up of six short movements of these.

Some sections are melancholy or wistful laments, followed suddenly by lively reeling dances. Each of the six movements is in a different key, winding through major and minor, exploring a variety of tonal color through all the instruments. There are some wonderful solo sections for all three parts.

We have tried to select other pieces for our program that also follow the idea of
contrasting sections, in keeping with the theme.

We hope to see you there!

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